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What will I Fly?

Your classroom will be the Cessna Skyhawk. It's a joy to fly – in fact, it's the most popular airplane ever made. At your flight school for rental during, and after, your training.
The Skyhawk will comfortably carry two adults and their luggage at a pulse-quickening 120 mph, thanks to a 180-hp engine, and it can fly for 600 miles without stopping. It's 27 feet long, more than 8 feet tall, weighs 2,550 pounds fully loaded, and has a wingspan of 36 feet.

On the inside, the Skyhawk offers a 360-degree view out of its tinted windows. A quiet, sound-proof cabin. And a full complement of communication and navigation radios that allows a properly trained pilot to fly trips in nearly all kinds of weather, at any time of day.


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